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PTE Exam Tips

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English that is one of the most valid English proficiency tests taken by the aspirants to get admitted into the universities across the World. It includes countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA. This is a test for Non-native English speakers to got admission to prominent universities. The test is a 3-hour long online test includes Speaking-Writing, Listening and Reading. PTE exam assessing your ability to operating in a completely English environment. Don’t feel discouraged. All you need is Determination, Patience and pte coaching in Gurgaon.

The Speaking and Writing section (77 – 93 minutes) includes Personal Introduction, Read aloud, Repeat sentence, Describe image, Re-tell lecture, Answer short question, One sentence
Paragraph and Essay (20mins).

The Reading section (32 – 41 minutes) includes Multiple choice questions (x2), Re-order paragraphs, Fill in the blanks (x2) and a ten minute break is optional.

The Listening section (45 – 57 minutes) includes Summarize spoken text, Multiple choice x2, Fill the blanks, Highlight the correct summary, Select missing word, Highlight incorrect words and writing from dictation.

Whenever possible, take part in a Class discussion or General conversation to clear your doubts. Clearing them is important wherever you feel suspicious. Take enough time to make plans, it is only one of the important qualifications found in the student. Do not be ashamed of taking anyone's help. Do not start your week's long-awaited goal of examining history - but rather divide your goal into smaller parts.

Be on time; arrive early as it can affect your performance. Use full sentences, Capital letters and Full stops wherever required. By leaving out the punctuation you are going to lose your markers. Paraphrasing is a good option and also be confident about the tasks. In any task if you make mistake in any part then it would be better to accept it instead of feeling worried or curious about it.

In the Speaking section, Speak at a good and louder speed. Do not speak too quickly or slowly. No need to waste your time in correcting yourself. Our pte classes in Gurgaon

For the Writing section, summarize your text and write within limit only. Each sentence should contain 5-75 words and allover essay should be of 200-300 words.

For Reading section, you need to manage your time as only 32 to 41 minutes are applicable to complete this task. Give attention to the Multiple Choice Questions that obviously looks easy but are challenging. Identify the main topic and areas that needs to be addressed with word limit of 200-300 words. For the Speaking section, try to give the response quickly and in continuity. Develop your vocabulary and grammar skills to make your command stronger.

At last, check your work thoroughly.
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